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12 year-old boy who only sings in shower hasn’t sung in weeks

GALLATIN, TN When Randy Myers was 9 years-old, his parents nicknamed him “The Shower Sinatra” for his daily belting of tunes while bathing. “We could hear him all the way downstairs. He wasn’t very good, but he was happy,” said Randy’s mom, Deb or Beverly. She encouraged Randy to join the school choir, but he declined, saying, “I only sing in the shower, mother.”

Around the time Randy turned twelve, the singing became less and less common. Randy’s father, Doug or Dave, said, “At first we were grateful. I mean, he is not good. But now we sort of miss it. We haven't heard him in weeks. We just want to know why he stopped singing in the shower.”

When The Inquisitor asked Randy that question, he said, “They’re stupid. I sing every time I take a shower. Can I get back to my game now?” Our reporter did not press for more due to the sickening stench coming from the 12 year-old’s bedroom. We’ll continue following this mystery and let readers know of any developments as they become available.


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