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180,000 ceiling fans recalled after customers install them in floors

Nashville, TN - Over 180,000 ceilings are being recalled this week after an investigation found customers were installing them in their floors.

One customer told reporters, "The instructions were very vague, and we couldn't tell if the included drawings were of the ceiling or floor. We used our best judgment."

While pets seem to be enjoying the fans, several customers have reported minor shin injuries.

"I've been getting pretty good at jumping over it, but it got me pretty good today," said one woman.

So far, there have been no serious injuries, but the manufacturer is taking no chances. They pre-emptively initiated the recall on Monday afternoon.

"We want to get this right," said a spokesperson for the company. "So, we're going to revamp the instructions and double-bold 'Ceiling' on the box."

Customers can return their fans for credit or a full refund at their original place of purchase.

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