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2020 Bonnaroo attendee wakes up in empty field with zero memory of 4-day festival

Manchester, TN - A Nashville man who believes he attended the 2020 Bonnaroo festival this weekend says he woke up in an empty Manchester field on Sunday with zero memory of the 4-day event.

Zach Stone told reporters that the last thing he remembers clearly was sitting in his apartment, downing some beers, and waiting for an Uber to drive him to Manchester for the event.

"I sort of remember stopping by a grocery store and getting a bunch of beer," Stone said. "And I think the Uber driver may have sold me some marijuana, but I'm not sure. It's all a blur."

Stone says when he woke up on Sunday to an empty pasture, he just assumed that the crowd got an early start home or maybe the event was cut short due to bad weather. He has no other recollections of the performances, people, or even the last time he ate. "It's like it never happened."

But, Stone isn't complaining.

"It was awesome," Stone told the press. "I've been to five Bonnaroos and this was by far the best year yet. I can't wait for 2021."

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