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3 best places to watch Nashville fireworks in your living room

Man watching fireworks on couch

Nashville is increasingly becoming known for its amazing July 4 "Let Freedom Sing" fireworks display, but many people are just not interested in braving a downtown crowd of 250,000 to enjoy the show.

If that sounds like you, we've got great news. Our expert team of TV firework viewers has compiled a list of the three best places to watch the fireworks from the comfort of your living room.


Experts say your couch is probably going to be the most comfortable place to watch the fireworks pollute our city. For added festivities, they recommend using a coffee table in front of the couch to hold a nice beverage or snack.


If you are lucky enough to have a recliner, it's also a great option. The recliner allows you to lean back as if you are lying on a grassy knoll, listening to the booming fireworks scare small children and animals.


While the floor is not the most comfortable of the positions, it does offer the most natural viewing angle for watching fireworks. It simulates the feeling of watching the night sky being ripped apart by 36,000 pounds of explosives.

A fourth alternative is your living room window. Experts say if you have a window that has a clear view of the downtown fireworks, that's a great place to enjoy the show from home. You may even consider renting the window spot out to tourists to recoup some of the tax payer money you unknowingly spent for the display. Happy Fourth of July!

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