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45-year-old Facebooker opts out of posting senior photo since it's already profile pic

Nashville, TN - Megan Nickels, class of '93, has opted out of posting her senior photo on Facebook in honor of May graduates since it has already been her profile picture since 2004.

The Inquisitor reached out to Megan concerning her photo and she said, "Oh yeah, I guess I need to update that. I've just been really busy lately."

A review of her page shows that while Nickels has not changed her photo since Facebook started sixteen years ago, she has made several name changes over the years, including:

Megan Johnson (Nickels) - 2004

Megan Nickels - 2005

Megan Rollings - 2007

Megan Rollings-Nickels - 2007

Megan Nickels - 2007

Megan Smith - 2007

Megan Nickels - 2007

Megan Montgomery-Nickels - 2014

Megan Nickels -2016

MeganNickels4Ever - 2018

Megan Trudeau - 2018

Megan Nickels - 2020

Nickels assures us that not sharing her senior photo in no way suggests she doesn't support 2020 graduates. She says she plans to update her profile picture to a more recent image, then re-post her senior photo in the coming days.

"We did some head shots at work back in June 2009," Nickels said. "I'm going to upload it next weekend."

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