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50% fewer Americans putting up Labor Day lights this year

Nashville, TN - According to a new report, 50% fewer Americans are putting up Labor Day lights this year compared to 2020.

The U.S. Department of Holidays surveyed nearly 50,000 households to learn that the country is just not as passionate about the holiday as they were in 2020. Labor Day decoration sales, as a whole, have fallen 73% nationwide.

"I've been too busy working," said one participant who hung an expansive light display a year ago. It's either do labor or celebrate labor. I, unfortunately, had to choose."

Locally, Nashvillians report seeing far fewer Labor Day tents popping up on the roadsides across the city.

"Last year, they were everywhere. I've maybe seen two this year," said one Nashville native.

Hallmark also announced Labor Day greeting card sales are down, but they hope their new lineup of Labor Day movies will rekindle interest in the holiday.

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