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500x Mega Millions loser starting to think wife, kid's birth dates not all that lucky

Nashville, TN - Barry Williams did not win the $660 million Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night. Nor has he won a single dollar in the past 500+ times that he has played the lottery.

Now, looking back, the father of six believes the long string of losses can be attributed to one thing: his family.

"I've been playing my wife's and kid's birthdays every week for years, but frankly, they've brought me no luck. Like zero," Williams told reporters.

Williams says he plans to branch out starting this week, either using auto-pick or his favorite number.

"My favorite number is four. I could probably pick '4' seven times on the same ticket and do better than I am with these numbers," said Williams.

Inquisitor Nashville will continue to follow this story as Mega Millions approaches $790 million for Tuesday's drawing.

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