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59-year-old busted using fake ID to crash Publix seniors-only shopping hour

Nashville, TN - Jim Simpson, a 59-year-old Nashville man was busted earlier today using a fake I.D. to enter a local Publix during its 60+ seniors-only shopping hour.

Simpson was detained and questioned by store security when he presented a Driver's License showing he was 93 years old. The observant security officer grew even more suspicious when he noticed the picture portion of the I.D. had clearly been covered with a different photo. After peeling away the top picture, he found the original image behind it was of a different man. It was later discovered that the license belonged to Simpson's 93-year-old father, Earl.

After a brief interrogation, Simpson admitted it was not his I.D. He claimed he was simply trying to buy food for his father. While the elder Simpson couldn't be reached to verify his claim, Publix allowed the man to enter the store and buy his items in a show of compassion.

Records show Simpson purchased one frozen bean burrito, a six-pack of Pabst and a 4-pack roll of toilet paper.

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