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8 out of 10 Americans report missing lockdowns while paying new price of gas

Los Angeles, California - A California woman says she unexpectedly caught herself missing being locked down while she paid to fill her tank with gas on Sunday morning.

"I was watching the dollar amount go up on the pump when I found myself missing the days of cheap gas and no place to go," said Wanda Andrews. "It took me a moment to snap out of it."

Andrews is not alone. According to a new survey, 8 out of 10 Americans report looking fondly at the pandemic stay-at-home orders when they see the new price to fill their tank.

"A $20 tank of gas lasted me for three months back in the spring. Now I'm lucky if a $35 tank covers me for three days," said one gas pumper we interviewed. "I miss those days."

As fuel prices continue to skyrocket, many say they just hope the next stimulus will be enough to cover at least one tank of gas.

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