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After year procrastination, Nashville man launches exciting new mask business

Nashville, TN - Kurt Nolan clearly recalls the day he decided to start his own custom mask business. It was April 17, 2020.

Nolan told reporters, "I noticed people were advertising homemade masks on Facebook and they were selling like crazy. I thought, 'I can do that.' "

Nolan was in an excellent position to launch a lucrative business because he learned to sew at an early age from his grandmother, who was a tailor. He also had some starter material in the closet and lots of free time.

"It was a no-brainer. I just wasn't really motivated at the time," said Nolan. "But hey, I'm in it to win it now."

On Wednesday, the entrepreneur announced his new venture on Facebook and began promoting his Summer 2021 mask collection.

While the initial response was disappointing, he did receive an order for two from his aunt Lilly. Nolan says he is confident the business will take off once people see his designs being worn on the streets.

"It's going to be great. It has to. I invested my life savings."

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