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Aging rocker caught wandering Nashville race pits insisting he's with 'the crew'

Nashville, TN - An aging rocker was spotted wandering the Music City Grand Prix race pits on Saturday morning, insisting he was with "the crew."

When security stopped the man and asked for his pit crew credentials, the 60-something man could not produce identification. Instead, he broke into an unfamiliar 80's rock song. When that didn't work, he grew confrontational.

"I'm with the crew, damn it," he yelled over and over as officers forcibly escorted him from the pit area.

Moments later, the man returned to the gate demanding his microphone, which he claimed to have lost during the altercation. It was promptly returned.

No charges were filed, but a security memo obtained by Inquisitor Nashville suggests he's still in the area, and officers should be on high alert for the rest of the weekend.

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