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Airbnb offering chance to stay in 'Home Alone' house, babysit Macaulay Culkin

Winnetka IL - Airbnb announced Wednesday that it is now offering the once-in-a-lifetime, one-night-only chance to stay in the iconic "Home Alone" house and babysit Macaulay Culkin.

Not only do the lucky renters get to spend an evening on the set of the 1990 cult classic, but they can also spend the entire evening feeding, entertaining, and tucking in the beloved 41-year-old actor.

One hopeful Airbnb customer told reporters, "I was supposed to take my girlfriend on a romantic getaway to Italy until I heard about this. She's going to be so surprised when she hears about the change of plans. I hope we get it."

Macaulay Culkin nor the girlfriend responded to our requests for comment.

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