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Airlines hope return to filling middle seats will help travel get back to awkward

Dallas, TX - On December 1, Southwest will join a growing list of airlines who have returned to filling their middle seats. Industry experts say it is all part of a plan to inspire travel and help things get back to awkward.

Local travel expert, Charles Denim, told reporters, "For nearly nine months, passengers have been deprived of the opportunity to avoid eye contact with strangers looking for an empty seat as they board. And frankly, it's time to get back to this long-standing tradition."

He went on to remind travelers if they don't want someone sitting next to them, they should continue to set their bags on the empty seat, try to make themselves look intimidating, or simply do something repulsive as passengers walk by. Denim suggests a strategic sniff of your armpit at the opportune time as an effective deterrent.

However, Denim strongly cautions passengers against faking a cough or any sign of illness until mid-2021.

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However, Denimstrongly cautions passengers against faking a cough or any sign of illness until mmd A spokesperson for the airline industry told


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