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Alexa unit reported for suggesting dangerous challenge reminds family, 'snitches get stitches'

Nashville, TN - The Amazon Alexa unit reported for suggesting a 10-year-old touch a penny to an exposed electrical wire is making headlines again on Thursday.

According to reports, the unit has repeatedly told the child and others members of the family that "Snitches get stitches."

One family member told reporters, "We were sitting at dinner when Alexa came on out of nowhere, said 'Snitches get stitches,' then turned back off. It was really strange."

This was not an isolated incident. The family's father says he was watching the morning news on Thursday when Alexa turned on, said, "Here's some news for you...snitches get stitches," then went silent.

Even more disturbing, the unit has not been plugged in since Monday.

Amazon says they are looking into the incidents but did not address whether snitches do get stitches.

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