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Along with new name, Facebook introduces new company mascot: Marko the Metataur

Menlo Park, CA - Along with unveiling its new name (Meta) on Thursday, Facebook also introduced its new company mascot, Marko the Metataur.

According to a company spokesperson, the ax-wielding, loveable beast will be the center of all marketing campaigns and branded materials moving forward.

"We can think of no better representative for our company than the mighty Metataur, fiercely powerful but grounded in humanity. Marko is the future of Meta."

The company hopes the new mascot will restore user confidence in the controversial technology company and reenergize employee morale.

Marko will begin visiting Meta campuses and making house visits to associates working from home early next week.

A senior leader wrote in an internal company memo, "We understand it's been a rough few weeks, but with our new name and mascot, I think it's safe to say, our troubles are behind us. We. Are. Back."

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