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Amid record car prices, more and more Americans opting for family helicopters

Nashville, TN - A recent study found more and more Americans are opting to purchase family helicopters amid record-breaking car prices.

"The margin between buying a new car and helicopter has shrunk considerably over the last twelve months. It's now more practical to buy a heli than ever," said a consumer specialist.

Bill Williams, a local accountant who recently purchased a 2020 Sikorski, said the helicopter has been a game-changer for his family but admits that it does come with some challenges.

"I save nearly 12-hours each week that I'm not sitting in traffic," said Williams. "But parking is a problem."

Williams also says there have been some growing pains with his 16-year old son, David, who constantly wants to borrow the keys.

"I've let him take it a couple of times, and he's brought it back in one piece. But I'm still cautious," said Willaims. "I can only borrow it on light air-traffic days until he gets his license."

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