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Ancient Roman bust humiliated after friends find out he was sold at Goodwill for $35

Austin, TX - According to reports, an ancient Roman bust was humiliated after friends found out he was sold at a Texas Goodwill for $35.

Sources at the San Antonio Museum of Art, where it is being displayed, say the bust has received dozens of calls after the story made international headlines this week. Many callers are poking fun at the 2,000-year-old sculpture.

One employee told reporters, "We're getting a lot of prank calls from museums in Rome and Vatican City. Most of them are just laughing and hanging up. One asked to speak to 'Goodwill Caesar.' Another offered to buy him for $36."

It is unclear who is making the calls, but the Goodwill bust insists its old friends making fun of him.

The Roman bust will remain in Texas over the next year before it is relocated to Germany.

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