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Anxious Americans losing hope Congress will pass stimulus relief in time for Prime Day

Nashville, TN - With less than 24-hours before the start of Amazon Prime Day, anxious Americans across the country are losing hope that Congress will pass a stimulus relief package in time.

"I'm so angry with our government, " said Nashville native Arnold Brown. "Don't they realize we need the stimulus checks now? Prime Day is tomorrow."

One woman we spoke to has been calling her Senators daily for weeks to remind them that Prime Day is coming. She has yet to receive a return phone call.

In one voicemail, she said, "I promised my son a new 65-inch 4K TV for Christmas. I can't afford full price so Prime Day was my only hope. Are you going to call my son and explain why his mom lied to him? I didn't think so."

Anonymous sources suggest that President Trump is considering signing an executive order for stimulus checks this afternoon, but many fear is that it is too late.

One man told reporters, "Unless they can direct deposit the money into my account by tomorrow, I'm going to have to sit 2020 Prime Day out. It's devastating."

Amazon Prime Day is October 13 and 14.

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