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Apple fans disappointed new iPhone 13 only comes with 37 cameras

Cupertino, CA - When Apple unveiled its new iPhone 13 on Tuesday, many fans were disappointed the new models would only feature 37 cameras. One front-facing and 36 rear-facing.

"I heard it was going to have 82. Only 37? What a letdown. I may just wait for the next Samsung," said one man.

Many expected the new release to feature multiple thermal, infrared cameras with Hubble-quality telescopic lenses and a full HD 360° quantum camera.

Instead, the 13th generation phone will include 12 zoom lenses, 20 wide lenses, and four ultra-wide lenses, which can focus on objects as close as two centimeters away.

"Two centimeters?" wrote one disappointed fan. "I need a camera that can focus on objects one centimeter away minimum. Sorry Apple, this is a huge fail, in my opinion."

Apple CEO Time Cook declined to comment.

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