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Area ventriloquist gets first 5-star review: 'You can't see his lips move at all'

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Venny the Ventriloquist with Dudley the Dummy

Nashville, TN - Budding performer, Venny the Ventriloquist, got his first 5-star Facebook review this week when a user wrote, "Venny is amazing! You can't see his lips move at all."

The review came from 82-year-old Lola Hornsby, the lone viewer of Venny's Sunday night basement performance on Facebook Live. Needless to say, Venny and his dummy, Dudley, were thrilled. "Dudley and I are speechless, which is unusual for a ventriloquist act. And I'd like to point out that Lola is not a relative."

A glance at past reviews shows that Venny's act typically receives 1.5 stars at best. Past comments range from, "Dude, are you even trying not to move your lips?" to "Is you moving your mouth part of the joke? I don't get it. So bad!"

When asked what he had changed to warrant such a positive change of opinion in the past few weeks, Venny said through his medical mask, "I don't know. We've been at home so I guess we've been practicing more."

Venny's next performance is scheduled for later this week.

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