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Bank of America ATM usage up 3000% after couple finds $50K at area machine

Nashville, TN - According to sources, Bank of America ATM usage has increased 3000% in Middle Tennessee after a couple found $50K at a machine on Murfreesboro Pike on Tuesday.

The huge bag of cash was reportedly left by an unnamed, and presumably now unemployed, ATM staff member who accidentally forgot to fill the machine. The couple did the right thing and returned the money to the bank immediately.

As word got out about the incident, thousands of Nashvillians flocked to area machines for unknown reasons. Estimates suggest ATM usage will rise even higher over the holiday weekend as people need extra money for shopping.

It is still unclear if the couple was financially rewarded for their integrity, but one inside source said off-record that the couple has already received a small bag of free suckers for their honesty.

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