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Batman Building attaches goal signal to celebrate Titans win over Seattle

Nashville, TN - The Nashville skyline looks a little different on Monday after engineers at the Batman Building replaced the standard antennas with a goal signal to celebrate the Titans' 33-30 comeback win over the Seattle Seahawks.

"The Titans are back, and we want the whole world to know it," said city official John Johnson.

According to an engineer on the project, the crew was instructed to leave the goal signal up throughout the 2021 season whether the Titans continue to rack up victories or not.

Johnson confirmed, telling reporters, "The city of Nashville and the Batman Building, specifically, are 100% behind this team, win or lose. But, of course, we would prefer that they win."

Documents show the construction of the two-armed goal signal cost upwards of $20 million. It is still unclear if taxpayers or private contributions paid for the monument.

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