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Beverly Hillbillies moving to Belle Meade after oil prices hit $0 barrel

Belle Meade, TN - Sources say the Clampett family, better known as the Beverly Hillbillies, is moving to Belle Meade, Tennessee after crude oil prices hit $0 barrel on Monday.

According to documents obtained exclusively by The Inquisitor, the billionaire family plans to trade their $150 million Beverly Hills mansion for a modest $14 million Belle Meade home off of Page Road.

Unverified reports say that the family chose Music City so Jethro and Elly May could pursue their music career as the country duo, JetElly. They both have been spotted in town in recent months writing with some of Music Row's top hitmakers.

Jed and Granny plan to open a "white lightning" distillery and alternative medicine clinic.

The Inquisitor will continue to report details as they become available.

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