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Biden and Pope speak at length on equality, climate change and new season of Bachelorette

Vatican City - Pope Francis reached out to president-elect Joe Biden on Thursday to offer his congratulations and discuss a variety of important topics.

A transcript of the 60-minute call shows the world leaders spoke for nine minutes on equality, seven minutes on climate change and 44 minutes on the new season of the Bachelorette. The following is an excerpt from the call:

Biden: Yes, Jill and I have been watching, too. We really like Tayshia, but Clare was something.

Pope: Yes, the child has some demons. I have the cardinals looking into it.

Biden: What do you think about Spencer?

Pope: I'm not impressed so far, but it's early. Thou shall not judge.

Biden: Yes, Father. We completely agree.

They also agreed that Dale seemed less than enthusiastic about his new romance with Clare, but neither believed they had spoken before the episode.

They ended the call with a short prayer and made plans to grab a beer after the inauguration.

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