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Biden, Pence set aside differences for annual arm wrestling match

Pennsylvania - According to reports, Joe Biden and Mike Pence set aside their political differences on Friday for their annual arm wrestling match.

"It's something they've been doing every year since Vice President Pence's days in Congress," said a spokesperson for Pence. "I believe this is the 18th annual."

Sources say the two V.P.'s gathered in an undisclosed abandoned Pennsylvania factory in front of a small group of supporters. The media was not notified.

Witnesses say Biden won the first two contests before Pence asked for best five out of seven. Biden agreed and Pence made a run of the next four challenges to pull ahead, 4-2. Biden won the next two matches, tying it up at 4-4.

At that point, a lookout watching the street yelled, "CNN," and the Pence camp dispersed before they could determine a winner.

A manager for the Biden campaign said, "We're calling it a victory, but it's all just for fun. President Biden will see Pence in 2021."

President Trump said he is willing to arm wrestle Kamala if she is interested.

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