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Biden signs emergency order to get Chick-fil-A sauce pipeline flowing again

Washington, DC - President Biden visited a local Chick-fil-A on Wednesday to sign an emergency order to get the Chick-fil-A sauce pipeline flowing again.

The order gives local and state governments expanded authority to allocate any resources necessary to open the pipeline.

"Americans are already facing unprecedented shortages of lumber, steel, and gas. Limiting sauces is where I draw the line. Now, let's get the sauces flowing," said Biden.

After signing the order, Biden ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and a small waffle fry. When asked if he would like any sauce, Biden told the cashier, "No, thank you. Save it for someone who needs a little extra today."

According to sources, Biden will visit a Washington GameStop on Thursday to sign an emergency order to increase PlayStation 5 production.

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