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Biden suffers minor flesh wound after Queen Elizabeth mistakes him for royal prowler

Windsor Castle, UK - According to sources, President Biden suffered a minor flesh wound on Friday when Queen Elizabeth mistook him for a royal prowler.

Leaked incident reports say the Queen was in her study when she heard a commotion in the garden. She grabbed her sword to investigate and inadvertently stabbed President Biden in the arm as he came around a corner.

"I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just a flesh wound," Biden told the Windsor medical staff, "I've had worse."

Her Royal Highness apologized to the president, explaining she lost track of time and didn't realize the G7 leaders had arrived. Biden accepted her apology without hesitation before sitting down for tea to discuss world affairs and season one of Bridgerton.

As of Sunday, Biden is feeling well but has requested that a White House aide arrives before him when he meets with Putin next week in Geneva.

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