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Biden surprises First Lady with gnarly freestyle show during birthday bike ride

Rehoboth Beach, DE - President Joe Biden and Jill Biden traveled to Rehoboth Beach this week to celebrate the First Lady's 70th birthday. While taking a bike ride along Gordon's Pond Trail, the president surprised his wife with a gnarly freestyle show he had been secretly practicing for months.

"He's such a show-off, but he's my show-off," the First Lady told reporters. "He wooed me the same way when we met in '75. And I must say, he's still got it, right?

According to witnesses, Biden started with a simple Wheelie before transitioning into an Endo, Pogo, and Miami Hop. After an extended Grip Ride, Biden tail-whipped into a Steamroller, then finished with an extended Time Machine.

A little-known fact, Biden toured the BMX circuit before running for Senate in 1972.

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