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Bonarooers furious at rumor festival will require them to shower during 4-day event

Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo is fast approaching, but not all Rooers are excited about some of the new policies and safety guidelines.

One of the biggest points of contention is a rumor circulating the Rooverse that the festival will require attendees to take at least one shower during the 4-day concert.

"That is ridiculous," said one long-time attendee. "We come here to listen to music, get our drink on, and get our stink on. It's only four days. Who needs a shower?"

Rumors also suggest attendees will be required to show proof they took a shower within 72 hours of arriving at the event. However, it is unclear how they will show proof.

One man posted on a Bonnaroo community page, "I heard they are going to have shower tents set up at the entrance. Anyone who can't prove they took a shower will have to go scrub down before they let you in. Crazy!"

Bonnaroo representatives did not respond to our request for comment.

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