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BREAKING: Trick-or-treaters stage protest outside tight-wad's house demanding better candy

Brentwood, TN - Over two dozen trick-or-treaters staged a protest on Thursday evening demanding that the neighborhood tight-wad upgrade his candy selection.

A spokesperson for the trick-or-treaters addressed the crowd via megaphone, saying, "So we're out here braving the cold, working hard for this candy and this guy's handing out off-brand Tootsie Rolls? I don't think so. It's not fair and we're not going to take it. Who's with me?"

According to sources, the unnamed tight-wad shut off his house lights five minutes into the protest and has not been seen since. It is presumed that he called the police who arrived minutes later. Officers, equipped with riot gear, have been performing crowd control as the tension continues to grow.

"We're keeping a close watch on the situation," said Officer Kevin Thompson. "We understand tempers are high and we don't want this thing to escalate." He went on to say off the record, "I don't blame them. Come on dude, Tootsie Rolls? Off-brand at that. It's once a year. You can do better."

At the moment, the peace is being maintained, but the crowd continues to grow more agitated with each passing moment. We will continue to bring you updates throughout the evening.

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