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BREAKING: Trump campaign releases the Kraken from legal team

Washington, DC - According to a statement by the Trump campaign, the president's attorneys have released the Kraken from the legal team.

The statement on Sunday reads, “We have released the Kraken. She is now practicing law on her own. She is not a member of the Trump Elite Strike Force. She is also not a Kraken for the president in his personal capacity.”

For weeks, the highly-respected Kraken has been suggesting she has a treasure-trove of evidence proving mass voter fraud. Trump supporters have patiently waited for her to file a "Biblical" lawsuit against those trying to steal the election. So the release of the Kraken came as a huge surprise to both Democrats and Republicans.

Rudy Giuliani said, "Let me be clear, the Kraken was never part of our legal team. Sure, we featured her prominently at press conferences and the president specifically said she was on the team. But the president just said that to show how non-racist he is toward Krakens."

It is still unclear why the Kraken was released, but she vows she will not be returning to her hole any time soon.

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