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California company to bring 2,500 more jobs to Nashville for no one to apply for

Nashville, TN - According to reports, CaliCarbonic Enterprises, a California-based manufacturing company, is relocating to Nashville and bringing over 2,500 more jobs for no one to apply for.

CCE says they will open a plant outside of Hendersonville, TN, in mid-November and have lots of opportunities for Middle Tennesseans to show no interest in.

"We are excited to join the many great companies of Nashville who can't find workers," said a company spokesperson. "We like a challenge."

Since opening their positions on October 25, the company has already increased starting wages from $11 per hour to $22 per hour to $186 per hour and has received nearly a half-dozen applications.

If you are not interested in applying, you can ignore their full list of openings on their webpage.

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