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Can you see it? Laser-eyed fan spots second boom mic error in Mandalorian Episode 4 scene

Nashville. TN - Just days after a man discovered a boom mic in a scene from The Mandalorian "Sanctuary" episode, a local STAR WARS fan has discovered a second boom mic error in the same episode.

The laser-eyed Nashvillian spotted it early in the episode when the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda are on the Razor Crest, heading to Sorgan.

"I was watching it with my girlfriend when I saw it in the background," Kyle Raymond told reporters. "You have to look pretty hard, but it's there." Kyle credits daily meditation and years of playing Call of Duty for his incredible, hyper-focused attention to detail.

Katie Evans, Raymond's girlfriend, told journalists off-record, "I actually pointed it out to Kyle, but whatever. Let him have his little moment."

Kyle said he doesn't want any kind of reward for finding the mistake, but would accept some pre-release Baby Yoda merch for his efforts.

Disney or Lucasfilm has not responded to our calls for comment.

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