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Chipotle anti-masker: 'If we were worried about our health, do you think we'd be eating Chipotle?'

Nashville, TN - A viral video is making the rounds on social media showing an angry Chipotle customer, now identified as Kevin Karenski, demanding to be served without a mask.

As the manager tries to explain the restaurant's policy to the anti-masker, Karenski becomes increasingly irate.

After another twenty seconds of arguing, Karenski tells the manager, "Come on, man. If we were worried about our health, do you think we'd be eating Chipotle?"

The manager appears to be taken back by the comment and remains silent for a few seconds, considering the logic.

At that point in the video, the other customers in line begin to look around at each other, nodding their heads. Then, one by one, they begin removing their masks in a show of solidarity. Even a few workers lay down their masks.

Unable to come up with a good counter-argument, the manager agrees to serve all the customers, with or without a mask.

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