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Closed Pancake Pantry still has 2-hour wait

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Nashville, TN - Even though Pancake Pantry is closed until April 14, that didn't stop hundreds of customers from lining up outside the restaurant for a 2-hour wait on Sunday morning. And despite a restaurant employee using a megaphone to remind the crowd they are not open, the loyal patrons refused to give up their spots in the queue.

The seemingly bizarre behavior has left many asking, "why?". A local psychologist, Dr. Amanda Nelson, explains that many Americans are just looking for a sense of normalcy in our current state of uncertainty. So, lining up outside a closed restaurant, where you would usually find a line, is considered healthy behavior.

"We are hearing stories of people driving to the cinema to stream movies from their car in the parking lot," Dr. Nelson said. "There was also a high school student who broke into his school to stuff himself in his own locker. This is all normal."

The Inquisitor spoke to a couple from Texas who had been waiting outside the closed restaurant for two hours. They told us, "We have always heard about the Pancake Pantry, but they are closed. We thought we could at least experience the stand-in-line portion before we head back to Dallas."

It is important to note that customers observed the recommended 6-feet social distancing guideline.

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