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Co-worker who couldn't wait for Fall already complaining about Fall

Nashville, TN - According to co-workers, Sharon Jones has spent the last month publically complaining about the summer heat and how much she can't wait until Fall. Her daily criticism only intensified over the last couple weeks when a heatwave postponed the Fall season and brought record high temperatures.

Now two days into cooler temperatures, Jones has already been heard complaining about the chilly mornings and how much she's looking forward to summer.

One co-worker told reporters, "Oh that's just Sharon. She once complained about getting a $1,000 bonus because they paid us in cash and she had to go to the bank to deposit it."

While at the office, our reporters observed Jones wearing gloves and toboggan while searching Amazon for a new space heater. She was later heard protesting at lunch about Amazon's new offices in Music City.

Jones decline our request for an interview due to the "hypocrisy" of the media.

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