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Coincidence? Nashville suffers mass butter shortage same day new Paula Deen restaurant opens

Nashville, TN - Investigators from the Tennessee Department of Dairy are looking into a mass butter shortage that left nearly every butter shelf in Nashville empty on Monday; the same day that Paula Deen's Family Kitchen opened near Opry Mills.

While there has been no confirmed connection between the two events, several witnesses say they saw Bobbie and Jamie Deen outside a local Kroger loading up a box truck with undisclosed packages.

An anonymous source told us, "This is an ongoing investigation, so I don't want to speculate, but something stinks here, and it's not the meatloaf."

Grocers assured butter-deprived customers that they would be restocking the shelves on Monday afternoon and would implement a one-package limit on butter for the foreseeable future.

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen is now open.

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