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'Cold Day in Hell' date finally revealed: May 10, 2020

Nashville, TN- Tornadoes. Global Pandemic. Record unemployment. Murder Hornets. Trump Vs. Biden. Tiger King.

Many have appropriately compared 2020 to Hell on Earth.

Enter the Polar Vortex.

As millions of Americans wake to record-breaking low temperatures, scientists have finally revealed that today (May 10, 2020) is the "Cold Day in Hell" we have long been expecting.

"So it came sooner than we thought but this is definitely the legendary Cold Day in Hell," said head scientist, Dr. William Devereau. "The good news is today you can do all those things you said you would never do until, well... today."

Dr. Devereau offers the following list of things-to-do on this historic day based on his research:

  • Call that despised ex-girlfriend or boyfriend

  • Forgive that horrible parent

  • Watch CATS a second time

  • Go back to your home town

  • Trust someone who betrayed you

  • Eat at that restaurant where you had a bad experience

  • Go watch your singer/songwriter friend perform at an open mic

It is important to note there is no connection between today's "Cold Day in Hell" and Mother's Day. It is not an excuse to not take care of your mom, especially if she is on your list.

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