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'Confederate Railroad' band changing name to 'Confederate RR'

Nashville, TN - Confederate Railroad, a popular 90's southern rock band, announced today that they will be changing their name to Confederate RR in response to growing pressure and criticism.

This is not the first time the band has come under fire for its name. In 2017, the "Trashy Women" singers had multiple shows canceled by promoters who objected to their name. Lead singer Danny Shirley said at the time, "there’s no way I’d ever change the name of the band."

Now, three years later, he has agreed it is time for a change.

"We want to meet the moment," said Shirley. "We hope this decision shows the world that we are listening and evolving with the times."

The move comes just days after The Dixie Chicks announced they will now be known as The Chicks, and two weeks after Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A.

It is unclear when the new name will begin being used, but the band reportedly has 80,000 t-shirts they would like to sell before the change goes into effect.

Sources also say Confederate RR has been asked to perform at every Trump rally between now and November. They are expected to accept.

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