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'Cookin' with Coolio' sales take major hit when 3AM internet outage shuts down Amazon

Nashville, TN - A massive internet outage wreaked havoc overnight when a network issue brought down popular websites including CNN, Reddit, Twitch, and

Amazon was also affected in many parts of the country, but no product more than the 2009 classic cookbook, Cookin' with Coolio.

"3 a.m. is our golden hour for sales," said a representative for the publisher. "So Amazon going down during that period is simply devastating."

Amazon did not respond when asked for sales data, but the publisher claims they suffered a seven-figure loss of revenue during the outage.

Attorneys for the publisher are expected to file a lawsuit later today against Fastly, the company responsible for the outage. Documents suggest they will be asking for 2.5 million dollars to cover losses and hardship.

Coolio did not respond to our requests for comment.

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