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Cool! Arrested 'Mustang Twerker' allowed to ride on top of cruiser on way to jail

Antioch, TN - A young woman who was caught twerking on top of a moving Mustang in Antioch on September 20 was arrested Friday on charges of disorderly conduct.

According to witnesses, the officers who apprehended the viral star were fans of the popular video and snapped a few selfies with her before escorting her to the police vehicle.

One neighbor told reporters, "When they got to the police car, I heard her ask if she could ride on top of the cruiser on the way to jail. At first, they said "No," but then she gave them the sad eyes. Next thing you know, she's up there twerking like it's nobody's business."

Many on social media are saying the move by the officers shows the perfect balance of kindness and accountability and several fans are starting a defense fund for the twerking sensation on

Court records show the dancer was bonded out of jail within two hours of arrival.

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