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Nashville Dad informs home-schooled son he’ll have younger, cooler teacher next year

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Sources say local real estate broker, Jerry Evans, informed his six-year-old son, David, this afternoon that he will have a new home-school teacher in the coming year. A witness familiar with the conversation, said Jerry told his son, “You’re going love Mrs. Susan. She is so much younger and cooler than old, boring what’s-her-name. And she’s so pretty!” David reportedly expressed concerns he would never see his old teacher again in which Jerry assured him that she would still substitute on occasion and even be taking him on field trips every other weekend. Jerry gave no explanation for the change but said they would talk more when he got back from his weekend parent-teacher conference with Mrs. Susan. The displaced teacher was unavailable for comment but is reportedly seeking legal representation to help negotiate her presumably substantial severance.


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