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Dark Crystal puppets return to creep out new generation of small children

In 1982, the Jim Henson Company released The Dark Crystal, a dark fantasy adventure film featuring life-like puppets that terrified small children around the world.

Now, after 37 years, Netflix is bringing back the terror to a new generation of children with the release of The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.

The new prequel will take viewers back to the planet Thra and be released as a 10-part series. That's nearly 90% more screen time to scar children for life than the 1:33 minute original.

Age of Resistance director, Louis Leterrier, stopped by New York Comic-Con earlier this year to talk about the production. Leterrier assured attendees that the disturbing puppets would be filmed using practical effects. “I love CGI,” Leterrier said, “but we won’t be using CGI in this one. It’s puppets, man. It’s all creepy puppets.”

The series will begin frightening children on August 30.

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