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Disney announces Mulan follow-up: Mulania

Los Angeles, CA - Just four days after the successful release of Mulan on Disney Plus, Walt Disney Pictures has announced the development of a Mulan follow-up: Mulania.

According to reports, Mulania tells the story of a young female warrior who grows up to marry the emperor.

The emperor has many loyal subjects, but powerful enemies are closing in. The warring Demokrato tribe is at the gates and they are determined to take the emperor's throne.

Now, Mulania must defend the emperor against the Demokrato leader Joemoto Bidenium and a shape-shifting sorceress, Pelosia Nancia. But first, Mulania must reconcile her disdain for holding hands with the emperor and her responsibility to bring honor to her family.

Disney has yet to announce a release date or cast information, but sources say the script is expected to be finalized in November.

"They're still working on the ending," said one Disney insider. "They hope to wrap it up around November 3, but we'll see."

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