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Disney's new animatronic Biden will be first president to feature animatronic ice cream

Orlando, FL - Disney World announced on Monday that they were in the final stages of adding an animatronic Joe Biden to the Magic Kingdom's Hall of Presidents.

According to a press release, the animatronic Biden will be positioned next to a table featuring peach blossoms from his beloved Delaware and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses. But the Disney Imagineers did not stop there.

A spokesperson for the company told reporters, "We are excited to announce that our President Biden will be the most realistic yet and will feature the Hall of President's first-ever animatronic ice cream cone."

Insiders say the figure will not only hold the cone, but will also eat the ice cream while the other presidents speak. The initial cones will be vanilla, but will be interchanged weekly to reflect Biden's favorite flavors.

Sources also say that the animatronic figure is programmed to recite the presidential oath of office as well as some of President Biden's most famous catchphrases, including "Come on, man" and "That's a bunch of malarkey."

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