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DMV urges Tennessee drivers to finish writing will before getting in line for REAL ID

Nashville, TN - As million of Tennesseans begin to replace their current driver's license with the soon-to-be required REAL ID, the Tennessee DVM is urging drivers to finish writing their will and testament before getting in line at their local Driver Services Center.

A DMV spokesperson told reporters, "This is only meant as a precaution. We fully expect the overwhelming majority of customers will get their REAL ID in time to live out the majority of their lives. We just want to set the expectation."

Beginning in October 2020, the new REAL ID will be required to fly and get in many government buildings. All Tennesseans must apply in person and present the required documents to prove their identity to get their new identification. Some estimates suggest the wait times may be anywhere between 4 hours and 40 years depending on the volume at the time.

Along with completing their wills, the DMV is also encouraging drivers to inform officials as they enter the back of the line if they would like to participate in the organ donor program.

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