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Don't be fooled! $75 Costco coupons handwritten on the back of Taco Bell napkins are not real

Nashville, TN - Costco is aggressively working to inform its members that the $75 coupons handwritten on the back of Taco Bell napkins are fake and will not be accepted at the club.

A local representative for the retailer told reporters, "We've seen a rash of customers trying to use the coupons and unfortunately they leave angry and disappointed. Sadly, many of them are paying for the counterfeit coupons."

One customer said he bought a $75 coupon for $10 from a coupon salesman at a local Taco Bell. When it was not accepted at Costco, he tried to return it but the man was gone. He bought a second $75 coupon for $20 from a different salesman but it was also refused at the store.

"I'm still not sure if I just got bad coupons or what?" the man told reporters. "I may give it one more try and then I'm done."

Costco is warning shoppers to avoid any handwritten $75 coupons that look authentic but are not. They are also reminding customers that the digital coupons that look authentic are also fake.

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