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Doomsday prepper who stockpiled 30 years' worth of Choco Tacos asks, 'Who's crazy now?'

Nashville, TN - Millions of ice cream fans were devastated on Monday when Klondike announced they were discontinuing their beloved Choco Taco after 40 years.

But self-proclaimed doomsday prepper Billy Wilbert isn't sweating it. He has been stockpiling the tasty snack for years in anticipation of a global event.

"They all said I was crazy when I spent $20,000 on Choco Tacos. Who's crazy now?" Wilbert told reporters.

The ardent survivalist says he has grown his stash even further since his initial purchase and estimates he has about 30 years' worth of the treat stored in a highly secure, non-disclosed location.

"I probably have enough for 50 years if I keep rations to three per day," Wilbert said. "If the world's going to go to hell in a handbasket, it might as well be delicious."

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