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Dreaded Dirty Santa and White Elephant show up to ruin office Christmas party

Nashville, TN - What was meant to be a joyful holiday celebration turned into a tense and awkward afternoon on Monday when both Dirty Santa and a White Elephant showed up to ruin another office Christmas party.

The presence of the unwanted visitors immediately caused division among employees who quickly began arguing over the rules and regulations of the party's gift exchange.

Dirty Santa caused additional resentment among attendees by openly pointing out those who obviously didn't put any thought into their gift selection as well as the tightwads who clearly did not spend the agreed-upon $15 minimum gift.

The White Elephant also stroked anger by tempting workers to steal gifts from disliked co-workers just out of spite or to avenge liked co-workers who had gifts stolen from them.

The festivities ended early as participants left feeling disappointed and bitter over the useless crap they received in the exchange. Multiple workers were seen pulling into Goodwill from the party to relieve themselves of the pointless junk.

It is unclear if Dirty Santa or White Elephant will make an appearance again next year, but many worker have already decided to call out sick if they see them on the 2020 invitation.

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