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Due to alarming rise in unruly passengers, airlines enact new Lecter Safety Protocols

Nashville, TN - U.S. airlines have already reported nearly 3,000 cases of unruly passengers to the FAA this year. That's 20 times higher than cases normally recorded for an entire year.

To mitigate the alarming rise in incidents, airlines have enacted the Lecter Safety Protocols that were first developed in 1991. This will be the first time these advanced safety measures have been implemented.

What does this mean for travelers?

Beginning June 15, passengers will be assigned a flight safety jacket and security mask upon arrival at their gate. All safety gear will be required to be worn throughout the flight. In-flight beverages and snacks will be suspended, but to-go snack packs will be distributed upon the safe arrival at the destination gate.

Airlines are encouraging passengers to arrive an additional 20 minutes earlier to allow time for safety fitting and the signing of waivers. Check with your airline for more information.

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Good Mental Health is No Joke

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